Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I thought we were safe

I used to be so proud of Jeffrey. All the other little toddlers I know like to throw things away- the remote, car keys- you know what I mean. Well Jeffrey was so good at not doing that! He loves to take his diaper when I'm done changing him and throw that away, and he transfers things from the recycling bin to the garbage can, but thats no big deal. Well, I couldn't find my keys today and I thought, well maybe Jeffrey put them in the garbage.
Guess what I found!
Nope, not the keys....but I did find a book cover, 4 or 5 different small toys, a sock, and some of Brocks super expensive coins! EEK! We have a garbage baby now...I was really looking forward to not having to worry about that. *sigh* Oh well. So, any good suggestions on toddler proofing garbage cans?
On a different note...I dont think I've posted on here yet what kind of baby is going to join us in January!! (my due date is the 19th).
We're having a little girl! (I think most of you know that already, but now its official- it's on my blog!) :) We can't wait for the little princess to be here!
Oh, one more thing! Not that this is super important...but I'm excited about it!
Growing up, I loved it when I would go to friends' houses and they had candy bowls there...I'm a bit of a sugarholic...So I decided to do it too! Today I went and bought some candy corn and some orange and black M&Ms to set out. Yay! We dont have much by way of guests they're mostly for me. But I'm ok with that!
I can't wait for Halloween!!