Thursday, July 2, 2009

You might think we're crazy...

But our family of four is about to become a family of five!

To answer all the standard questions...
-I'm sixteen weeks along, putting me due around December 20th. Which will make this one and Emily almost exactly 2 years apart.
-I've been feeling great! No throwing up this time around, just some slight queasiness if I go too long without eating.
-Tyson's first thought was that it will be a boy, but his grandpa is sure it will be a girl, so we'll have to see about that!
-Not planned. Our 97% effective birth control method 100% failed! (Well, it worked for about 7 months!)
-I'm nervous, excited, apprehensive, worried...all those things that come with adding another one to the bunch. I hope I can mentally handle 3 kids!!

So, sorry its been so long. I think anyone still reading this can just expect me to be an inconsistent blogger!
Here are some cute pictures as a make-up gift!

Not that this one is necessarily cute, but I always like to see pictures of my friends, so I thought I'd add one of us too! This is from a dance Tyson took me to for my birthday. It was an especially thoughtful gift because he's not the biggest fan of dances. I think he's a pretty cool guy :)