Thursday, January 10, 2008

Emily's eyes!

I just saw that my mom got some pictures at the hospital with Emily's eyes open- yay! I love her eyes! They are so sweet.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Picture crazy!

Here are a bunch of random pictures I've been meaning to post over the last several weeks, but never got around to it! Jeffrey absolutely loves to swing! As you can see from the look of exhilaration on his face :) He got so good at holding on to the swing all by himself while I pushed him- what a big boy!
I'm ready for my close up... :) Doesn't he look like a model here? These were taken at our family reunion on the 29th. Funny story...while at the reunion my sister and I were talking to my aunt, and she asked if I had ever had a c-section. We told her that none of the girls in our family had ever had one, and I expressed my desire to never go through that! Well...2 days later, what else should happen but I have an emergency c-section! Ironic, isn't it?

This is our cute little Christmas tree! We absolutely loved it- it was the perfect one for us. You'll notice the lack of ornaments. Well, they were up at one point (as you'll see in the next picture) but keeping them up with an 18 month old is practically impossible! So we decided it w ould be much easier to just not have any than to keep re-decorating the tree after Jeffrey would take them off...again and again and again!Even though he's not wearing any pants, I just thought this picture was so cute! I love how fascinated he was with the ornaments, I just wish he could have enjoyed them without removing them! lol

This was my tummy at 8 months

Jeffrey wanted to help clean up after our ward Christmas party. He is so strong! He pushed that cart across the gym with no help! One of his absolute favorite things in the world is to push things. Anything he can find! Including the bottom rack of our dishwasher! He pulls that out at least 3 or 4 times a day and pushes it around the house!
This was a really special moment because Jeffrey does not cuddle for very long. But one day I was resting on the couch and he just climbed up right next to me and fell asleep with me! He had never done that before! It was so cute.

This is the little terror after eating raviolis one day. I love how the sauce made a perfect goatee around his mouth! And look at those eyes! What a stud!

Here's another of baby Emily. One of these days we'll get some pictures with her eyes open!

Finally, baby and mommy in the hospital. I wore my new pink jammies in celebration of the sweet little girl!


Wow, can I just say...Thank goodness for nurses! The nurses that helped me at the hospital were all so awesome. They do everything! Including all the gross, awkward things that we wont talk about here. :)They see a lot and deal with a lot every day- and I am just so grateful! really admire all my friends who are going through nursing school right now, because its not a glamorous job! But definitely a worthwhile and appreciated one. I was talking to one of my nurses after I got out of recovery, and she was telling me the sometimes on her 12 hour shifts, she doesnt get to eat or go to the bathroom the whole time, but then she gets to do things like take care of my little baby in the nursery and its all worth it.
Thank you nurses!!

Baby and Daddy

Tyson loves this girl to death- he cant get enough! What an awesome daddy!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Emily Rose Higham

December 31st, 2007

5 lbs 12 oz, 18 1/2 in

Friday, January 4, 2008


As Tyson said, we have a healthy happy baby at home with us now! Kind of a scary/exciting experience, but we're all home safe and sound. Being home is actually kind of frustrating for me because I'm not allowed to do anything! Usually I'd be ecstatic if Tyson told me I couldn't do the dishes, but I just feel so useless. I feel bad for Jeffrey too, I think he misses having me play with him and stuff. I'm just going to have to let go of the reins and let Tyson take over- which is really hard for me to do!
Jeffrey is going to be such a good big brother! He loves Emily- we've been teaching him how to be "soft" the last couple months, so now his favorite thing to do is pet her little head softly. He also loves giving her knuckles since her hands are always balled up in fists! He's even kissed her a couple times, and hasn't tried to kill her... yet!
I forgot how little sleep you get with a newborn. We've been pretty spoiled, Jeffrey sleeps for 12 hours at night so we dont usually wake up till 9 or 10 every morning. She woke me up 3 times last night! And I feel asleep with my head back on the couch each time. :)
She is such a darling little girl, it's hard not to be in love with her!
I had all these ideas of what to write, but now I cant think of any of them! So I guess thats all for now. Enjoy the pictures!

funny video

What it would be like if Al Qaeda recruited like the Mormons... check it out! So funny!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Little Miracle

Hey Everyone, This is Tyson writing and that little gal you're looking at is Emily Rose Higham. Isn't she darling?

I am just the most lucky guy in the world at this moment, and let me tell you why...
In Monday, Dec. 31st, Kim went to the Doctor for a routine visit to check on her and baby as she was three weeks from her due date of Jan. 19th. It had been just a great pregnancy. At the last appointment a few weeks prior, Doc said that Everything was looking so good that she didn't need to come back in for a few weeks, although it is not uncommon for women at this stage of a pregnancy to be seen every week. Anyways, back to Monday the 31st. When the doc was listening for baby's heartbeat, he couldn't seem to find it because the heart beat he was hearing was beating at about 70 beats a min. and a baby's heartbeat should bet at between 120 and 150 beats a minute, so the doctor thought that it was Kimberly's heatbeat that he was hearing.
Upon further inspection he realized that it fact it was baby's heartbeat.
So Doctor Nelson sent Kimberly straight to the hospital.

When Kim got out to the car, she gave me a call and told me what I just told you. She was obviously very upset and sounded very scared. I tried to calm her the best I could, I told her that I loved her very much and that everything would probably be OK and to just be sure and drive safely and not crash on the way to the hospital and to give me a call when she arrived.

I then called her mom and told her that I needed a ride to the hospital as Kim had the car.

When Kim's mom and Jeffrey (luckily Grandma has a spare carseat) and I got to the hospital the first person that we saw was a nurse with the name Kimberly and when I saw her badge I commented that it was my wife's name. She asked what my last name was, so I told her. The nurse then told me that Kim was in recovery.

"Recovery????" I asked

"Yes, she delivered via c-section"

Wow, what a surprise.

I'm going to sum up the rest... When Kim got to the hospital the baby's heartbeat was still 70 bpm so they did what's called a crash and got that baby out as quickly as possible.

Kim has been a trooper through this whole thing. First she was so worried about losing the baby and had to drive to the hospital scared and alone, and then had to get sliced practically in half to get the baby out. She delivered at about 11:00 AM and didn't get to hold Emily til about 6:00 PM becasue Emily had to stay in the nursery til they had performed several tests to see what was up with her heart.

Kim has been so brave and has had such a good attitude. She is my hero!!!

Also When a baby's heartrate is as low as Emily's was for as long as it was, they shouldn't survive. For whatever reason, she not only survived, but she is perfectly healthy. She had an irregular heatbeat for the first 24 hours but it went away and the doctors say that everything is great.

We are very blessed!