Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Congratulations Brock!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my brother in law Brock and my soon to be sister in law Natali! They got engaged last weekend, and I am so dang excited for them! Natali is a wonderful girl, and just right for Brock. They make each other laugh and they love to cuddle :) I cant wait to have her as a part of the family.

Congrats guys!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to recap the last month...

We now live in Rexburg! Brock bought a house here really close to campus, so we moved into help him take care of it. Its a super cute house- built in 1915. It still has a lot of the original windows and wood- I'll get pictures up soon! Today was our second week in the new ward, and I've already found a fellow Twilighter! Speaking of which...

I went to the midnight showing of Twilight on Thursday! Wow! I loved it, absolutely. I thought they did a fantastic job being true to the book, and the actors really got the essence of Edward and Bella. I cant wait to go see it again!    My sister in law Natalie went with me and we had a blast. It was no neat to have some girl time away from the kids, and do something totally out of the ordinary. One funny moment that happened- of course the theatre was packed with teenagers, so I was commenting to Natalie about one particular loud one right in front of us.  It was a boy, so I was thinking that he was just there to impress the girls. Well, it turns out that it was Natalie's cousin!! I felt kind of humbled for judging him so quickly, although she said she does remember him being fairly obnoxious, so not much has changed. hehe. 

Emily all of a sudden decided she liked formula better than what I could give her. One day she just wouldn't nurse! So after a couple scary days of her not drinking much, I decided to try formula, and she took to it right away and hasn't looked back. Its kind of nice, I feel free!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My tribute to Jeffrey

Now that Jeffrey is 2, and has been for 3 months, I think it is time to let you all know my favorite things about him!

1. He can do things like this:

We were at my sister-in-law's house the other day, and Jeff wanted to go play on the back porch. So he went out and closed the door, and it was quiet for about 20 minutes. I wondered, what could he be doing to occupy himself for that long! When I checked on him, this was what I found.

2. He is the best big brother! Jeffrey loves Emily so much and takes such good care of her. Last week while I was holding her, she dropped a toy she was playing with. Jeffrey jumped off his chari where he was eating and crossed the room to give her the toy back. He said "here baby!" and handed it to her. What a sweetie!

3. He is such a goofball! He loves to make funny faces and silly voices. He makes me laugh every single day. This video shows just a little of his silliness- its about a minute long

I wanted to take you on a little journey through Jeffrey's life thus far:

Brand spankin new!

4 months -1st Halloween (he's a farmer, can't you tell?)

8 Months and getting into trouble already!

1st birthday

17 months

2 years- and he shows it!

1st Haircut Sep. 5th



We love you Jeffrey! You're the best little buddy a mom could ask for :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm still alive!

Yes, its been a while. -but here I am. And I have no idea why this is being underlined! Oh well. Well, the reason I haven't posted in so long is because the internet explorer on this computer was being weird and I couldn't post pictures, so now I'm using safari and the pictures are working! We also just set up our own computer  and downloaded all our new pictures onto that one, but its not connected to the internet yet. So, here are some pictures- a couple months old, but cute nonetheless!

Sorry about this last one, I cant figure out how to flip it! Its facing the right way on my computer...Oh well! Now, onto us! The kiddos are growing like weeds. Emily is now 8 1/2 months old. I cant believe how fast its gone- I felt like it took forever for Jeffrey to get to 8 months! She is juuust on the verge of crawling. She just barely mastered sitting up on her own about 2 weeks ago, now she rocks on her hands and knees, and can push herself forward just a little. She has 2 little toofers and is very good about not biting me, which I greatly appreciate. She loves eating bananas, being held upside down, and bouncing on the trampoline!
Jeffrey is getting so big now too- he's talking tons more, but still no sentences. He got his first haircut last week! Finally! It was getting really bad- and we decided to do it before my mom came to visit. He looks so handsome- I cant wait to show the pictures! Jeffrey loves to play outside and will entertain himself for long periods of time just pushing his dump truck around in the grass. On the other hand, he loves TV- and would watch that for hours if he could! 
I guess I watch more tv than I should, now that we have cable. My new favorite shows (kind of guilty pleasures...) are Project Runway and What Not to Wear. Just FYI, if anyone wants to nominiate me for WNTW, I will gladly give up my wardrobe to get a new wardrobe in New York! I love seeing all the creative clothes people come up with on project runway, although a lot of it is just plain weird! 
Tyson started school at BYUI last week, and is doing pretty well now! The first week was kind of whirlwind, but he's getting the swing of things now, and really likes the campus. I'm really glad he has a good atmosphere to be in, and he comes home a lot happier. I think being at a church school makes a huge difference! We'll have to take a picture of our new license plates- when we got our car registered here, we picked out BYU-Idaho plates. I think they look awesome! 
I think thats enough to get all you readers up to date on us. I'll be sure to post more frequently so I can show off my cute kids! Hehe

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Past, Present and Future

20 Years ago:
1. I was 2 years old, living in the Everett house. I was my mom's best little buddy!

10 Years ago:
1. I was 12 years old, just starting Young Womens.
2.I went to my first girl's camp and put my hair in braids.
3.I was an awkward pre-teen starting middle school- I loved Hanson, Redwall books, sleepovers and of course, boys!

5 Years ago:
1. 17 years old, a senior at Mesa High School- I was involved in cross country, track, choir, the musical Once Upon a Mattress and AP classes.
2.Given the Most Valuable Runner award on my cross country team (along with my best friend Angie)
3. Still Boy crazy! My friend Tiffany frequently asked me "Kim, who's your COW?" (Crush Of the Week). Many of these crushes were the cute sophomores in my choir class :)

3 Years ago:
1. 19 years old- My world revolved around Tyson! We met on Apr 4th, I broke up with my boyfriend on Apr. 8th, we went on our first (official) date Apr. 16th, kissed on Apr 23rd, he proposed on Apr. 26th, I said yes on May 1st, we were married Aug. 26th!
2. It's a miracle I passed any of my classes at MCC
2. I went back east on a YSA Joseph Smith History tour- my best friend Angie was my roomie and she met her future husband, Duane, there.
3. I worked at Jamba Juice and had a blast there!
4. I got pregnant with Jeffrey

1 Year ago:
1. Jeffrey was 1 year old
2. We were still new in the Keating ward and I was getting to know people
3. I discovered Twilight! And haven't looked back since- I'm hooked! (P.S. only 16 more days till Breaking Dawn comes out!)

Yesterday I:
1. Helped my mother in law watch my little niece and nephew
2. Went to dinner at Chili's
3. Ate super delicious oatmeal cookies.
4. Got about 4 hours of sleep.

Today I:
1. Actually got to take a shower!
2. Made my bed
3. Will hopefully go grocery shopping
4. Gave Emily big squeezes!

Tomorrow I Will:
1. Continue my daily ritual of cleaning my room and the kitchen
2. Give Jeffrey and Emily lots of loves
3. Jump on the trampoline with Jeffrey
4. maybe even get to watch a movie with Tyson!

In the next year:
1. I will not get pregnant again! (please please please!)
2. I might take some classes at BYUI
3. Live rent- free for as long as possible
4. Quell my Twilight obssesion

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jeffrey's birthday

Jeffrey is a big bad 2 year old now! His birthday was on June 20th, and he had so much fun. We got him 2 big Tonka trucks with he absolutely loves, and I made him the Higham favorite birthday cake. I dont think he got any though...oops! We took lots of video and pictures- which I will post as soon as I figure out how- for some reason this computer isn't letting me!
Something fun was that Tyson's mom said that I made that cake better than she does- and she's been making it for years! Alright!

An update!

Finally! Its been a long time coming- but without any further ado...

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone who helped us with the move. My mom and sisters came on Monday and Tuesday (of the week we moved) and packed up my kitchen and books and lots of stuff, then my friend Angie came Thursday and Friday and was our main organizer! I couldnt have gotten through those 2 days without her- I was about to go nuts! Then Marcus Seiter came to haul stuff away with his truck Thursday night, then my brother in law Ken came late on Friday night was our push to just get it all done! His truck was a life saver taking away our last remnants of garbage and stuff we couldnt fit into the trailer. It seemed like whenever we needed help it came- so thank you everyone!

And I also wanted to say how much we are going to miss AZ. We have such good friends there- Madison ward friends, Keating ward friends, my MHS friends, my family- we are really going to miss seeing you on a frequent basis- thanks for taking care of us and including us in your circles! Maybe we'll end up in good ol Mesa again one day- we shall see. I'm glad that I've discovered blogs so that we can all keep in touch easier!

Let me tell you, as you all probably know- Moving is no fun! At risk of sounding like a complainer, I will tell you that I have never been so stressed out in my entire life. At first we thought we could only carry a 4'x8' trailer behind our car, therefore lots of our stuff wouldn't be able to go with us. I was sure we would have to ship a lot of our stuff, and I was having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to fit stuff together and decide which stuff to keep with us, what to get rid of and what to ship. But when Tyson got to the U-haul store- there was a 5' by 8' trailer available and he got it! We thought it might be too big for our little car, but in the end it was fine. We got all packed up and headed out at 11:30pm Friday night. Whew!
We drove all Friday night and got into Las Vegas at about 10am. We had to drive really slow as to not overheat the car- and it was doubly miserable because we were blasting the heat with the windows down in over 100 degree weather- even more precautionary steps to not over heat the car. Let me tell you- the drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas is one of the most dreary drives! There are some spots where the scenery is nice- but for the most part it is just yucky desert.

La Vegas was fun- we splurged a little for my birthday and stayed in Paris Las Vegas! That was a really nice hotel! And the lobby/ casino area wasn't very smoky- so I was very grateful for that. We slept for most of the day and then went out that night to find somewhere to eat and walk around the strip. After about 1/2 an hour of searching amidst rumbling tummies, we finally decided on the Mirage buffet. It was super yummy, but not quite worth the 25 dollars a person to eat there. I guess they just assume everyone visiting the strip is loaded...yeah right! Las Vegas was fun to see and I'm glad I can say that I've really been there now, but I dont think we'll be going back there any time soon. It is so fun to see all the different themed hotels, I just wish they didn't have to include all the garbage that goes along with it.

We took off from Las Vegas early on Sunday morning, but only made it to Mesquite, NV because we were still worried about our car overheating and it was super hot outside- so we ended up staying at another hotel on Sunday and left there early Monday morning. We drove all day Monday and finally made it here to IF at about 10:30 that night. Whew!

It was quite the adventure, and Jeffrey and Emily were awesome. I was amazed at how well they did on that long car trip! I'm so happy that we made it here sane, safe and sound :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here we are!

Well everyone, we are safely here in Idaho now. After a 3 day long adventure in the car, a stop in
Las Vegas, a crazy time packing and cleaning- we made it! I'll go into more detail later- right noe Emily is sitting on my lap and its hard to type one-handed!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free Food!!!

We're not going to take any of our food with us when we go- the staples like flour and sugar and ketchup etc. So if you need anything, let me know! We need to get rid of it, and I really dont want to throw perfectly good food away.
So come unstock our cupboards!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are we needed?

Now that I'm officially graduated with My Associates Degree (Prestigious, I know!), I have been saving up money for the fall semester by working for Kim's Dad. We've been fixing up a duplex for a lady who is moving from a really nice house in Ahwatukee to a duplex in chandler. We've also been doing a few thigs on the really nice house.
Her Mom lives in the other half of the duplex.
When I say that she is moving from a really nice house, I mean a REALLY nice house. Like, $800,000 nice.
The duplex is much nicer now that we've been fixing it up. It has new carpet and tile, new appliances, new cabinets, new paint, new front door, even new door stoppers. But, it is an old house.
Anyways, this is not why I am writing...
While working on the really nice house in Ahwatukee, I was puzzled... I think that this lady is in her forty's, the house that she lived in was georgous, but I think that she lived alone. To the best of my knowledge, she doesn't have any kids, and is not married. That big ol house seemed so lonely. I just think that it would suck to not have a family to come home to.
So, one day while I was working at the big ol house, thinking about how lonely the big beautiful expensive house would be if you lived all by yourself, even with all the nice artwork, and the pool, and the Hi-Def flat pannel TV, and a cat... I noticd a book that this lady owned. The title of the book was...
Are Men Really Needed?

What do you all think?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's official

Most of you probably already know, but for those who dont-
we are officially moving to Idaho in June- around the 13th. I have such mixed feeling about going.
On one hand...the weather there will be awesome this summer and we'll miss the AZ heat!
On the other will be miserably cold and dark the other 9 months out of the year.
On one hand...we'll be close to Tysons family and they'll get to know the kiddos
On the other family is here! And they wont get to be close to the kiddos.
On one will be such an adventure to go somewhere new (for me) and experience living somewhere else.
On the other hand...I love Arizona! I love all my friends here, I love my calling, etc.
At times I'm just like "come on! Let's get going and just do it!" And then theres other times where I just want these next 3 weeks to go by so slowly. Then I think, Oh my heck, I only have 3 weeks to go through all our stuff and figure out which of our stuff we can fit into a little 4ft x 8ft trailer, and what stuff has to go byebye.
On that note- I have been going through some of the boxes that were at my parents' house, so I've been looking through all sorts of old pictures and all my old yearbooks- even the ones from elementary school! All I have to say is, I was such a dork! Band geek to a T! One of the things that was at my moms house was my old clarinet- so now I have to figure out what to do with that. Lol. I had so much fun as a kid- its awesome to go back and remember all the friends I had and all the crazy stuff we did. Stake dances, dressing up for spirit days, going TPing, crushes on 10 different boys at the same time, obssessing over *NSYNC...good times.
I'll bet Tyson would love it if I would just throw out my old yearbooks and pictures- so my question is, who still has their elementary/middle school yearbooks etc? Is it worth keeping? I always have this image in my head of looking through it with my kids when they're that age- does that ever actually happen?
One thing is for sure- I am so glad I never have to go through middle school again!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cake Recipe

Thanks to everyone who came to Tyson's party on Saturday! We had a blast, and he was really surprised. I told some of you I would put up the recipe for that yummy cake, so here you go:
"Grandma's Sinful Chocolate Cake"
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup oil
2 cups sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
2 1/4 cups unsifted flour
1 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup bakers cocoa
2 tsp baking soda
1 cup hot water

1. Mix first 5 ingredients
2. then add egss
3. add flour and buttermilk, alternating
4. mix cocoa/baking soda/water seperately, then add to mixture
5. bake at 350 for 40 minutes
6. be sure to butter/flour the pan!

We actually cooked it a little less than 40 minutes- that might have contributed to the moistness, as well as covering it up to transport it! Thats the first time it was that moist.

Cream Cheese Frosting:
1 cube butter
4oz cream cheese
3 cups powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
2-3 tbs milk
dash of salt

Mix everything together!

Is any one else excited?!

I cant wait for the Twilight movie! Only...7 1/2 more months to go... :(
I dont know what I'm going to do until then. I guess I'll just have to fill up my time with The Host (May 6th), Breaking Dawn (Aug. 2nd) and you know, being a mommy ;)
P.S.- There's a teaser trailer out! I cant figure out how to post it here...but if you go to you can see it! All I can say is Oh. My. Gosh. It looks so good!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kim's turn

I wanted to put in my two cents about Saturday's activities.

First, let me just say that going into this race I was decidedly done running. I had forgotten about how awful it is! To train, all I did was run laps around the track all by myself. It got pretty boring and old after a while. But when I got to the race, I had so much fun! The competition is what I really miss about running. This time, I didn't really try to pass anyone or really compete too much, I mostly focused on my goals, which were:

1. No walking!
2. Finish under 30 minutes

3. Place in the top 3 in my age group (20-24)
As race day got closer and closer, I was seriously doubting whether or not I would be able to accomplish these, especially the 3rd one.

Well, I did it! Almost-

I had a time of 27:55, I didnt walk at all , and I placed 4th in my age group (so close!). Yay! I was so happy- I remembered why I love to run. I definitely want to do more 5k's in the future.

Plus, it was really fun to see Denise and co. there. Good job Denise! You were awesome.

Later that day though...I kinda felt like my acheivement was pretty wimpy.

We went to the High School State tennis tournament later that day (which was fun! theres some really good players!) which is way out in Glendale. On the way home, after being out in the sun all day with 2 cranky kids, our tire tread fell we were racing down the freeway. Eek!

Luckily, it didn't completely blowout, that would have been awful. We were able to make it safely to the side of the road, and then to a gas station to assess the damage, and then to a Sears tire shop nearby.

As we were waiting for our 4 new tires (they were all in pretty bad shape!) on tv there was a show about the Ironman competition that went on that same day in Tempe.

In case you dont know, an Ironman consists of a 2.4 mile swim (in this case it was in Tempe Town lake- ew!), then a 112 mile bike ride, then a 26.2 mile run.

Am I the only one to think this is just crazy?!
A marathon is one thing, but to tack it on after biking 112 miles, oh wow.

So, my 3.2 miles didn't seem as impressive anymore, to say the least. :)

But I'm glad I did it anyway!

And Finally, here are a couple pictures just to make your day go better!

Isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

I may be a little biased :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Tyson Here!

Kimmy ran a 5-K on saturday. She did awesome, finishing 4th in her age division. Keep in mind that just four months ago she was pregnant! I did not run because I was taking care of the kiddos. It was a big sacrifice for me to make, but I was willing to make it because, well, that's just the kind of guy that I am! (And I loathe running!)

I took my little family, Kim, Jeffrey, and Emily, with me to school the other day and it was lots of fun! After meeting Jeffrey and Emily, my professors have been much nicer to me. I'll be graduating on May 9th with my Associate of Arts degree. I know what you are all thinking: "But Tyson, you are nearly 25,(may 3rd) how did you complete a degree so soon? My answer to you would be: "I dunno, I'm just incredibly brilliant I guess!"

I don't have any pictures from school, but here is a pic of Jeffrey squirting me with a hose.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Yay! It's been 3 days now that Jeffrey hasn't barfed! Woohoo! He had been sick since Thursday night- I am so glad thats over! They didn't warn me about kids throwing up in mommy job description! Although, I put my mom through that plenty of times, so I should have expected it.
Now I just have to figure out how to get him to quit whining!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Indian Wells

A couple weeks ago we got to go to the Pacific Life Open, a professional tennis tournament in Indian Wells, CA. Sooo fun! It was only a 3 1/2 hour drive, and surprisingly, the kids did awesome! Yup, Jeffrey and Emily accompanied us. So we didnt actually get to sit and watch any of the matches, but thats not the fun part anyway. The most awesome thing about going to this tournament was the practice courts! At any time during the day we could watch the best tennis players in the world practicing! Up close and personal! I was so starstruck. The first day we were there, I walked right onto the grounds and the first person I saw was Rafael Nadal! He is the Spanish lefty who happens to be number 2 in the world right now.

The next big names we saw were Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic- the Serbian powerhouses.

They are two of my favorite players to watch.

We saw Roger Federer later that day, and twice the next day! That was amazing- the crowds to watch him were so huge! Everybody wanted to see the best player in the world. Some of the players we were able to see really close- like Ana- but with Federer we were peeking over peoples heads the whole time!

We also saw Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova, the Bryan Brothers, James Blake, and tons of others! It was cool to see that these people we watch all the time really exist!

Maria Sharapova

Andy Roddick

Twins, Bob & Mike Byan #1 ranked doubles team in the world
(Don't ask us who is who)

And now, us!

Tyson caught Jeffrey making this really funny face!

Do we need a caption on these last two?


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More pictures!

Another view of the rail

We just got this Baby Bjorn and love it to pieces!

Mommy loves her boy!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well, I am way overdue for an update! Sometimes theres just too much to write about to even start, and other times theres just nothing. I'm always trying to think of witty things I can put on here...but since I'm not witty thats kinda difficult.

We've had an exciting month- we're all moved in to our new house. Yay! We love this place- it has tons of extra room, and aweome paint, and its just so darn cute!

Tyson's whole family (minus brother in law Scott) came down from Idaho to visit us last week- and we had such a blast with them! It was awesome to see his brothers and sister and the other 2 grandkids on the Higham side. Jeffrey had a blast playing with Eric and Nicole! And they all thought Emily was a doll, of course! 2 of Tysons uncles and 1 aunt also came to visit at the same time, just for fun! So it was really neat to have a big family party. Tyson found a really nice resort in downtown Scottsdale for them to stay in for only 100 bucks a night! Which was nice considering everywhere else around here was closer to $200 a night. The first day they were here it was beautiful so Tyson and his dad played some tennis and then we all sat around outside chatting and soaking in the sun! I think thats the funnest thing to do with family.

After all the relaxation we put mom and dad Higham to work- they and Tyson built a rail for our staircase! It turned out to be more of a project than we intended, with quite a few little roadblocks, but it turned out great! Tyson even finished it all by himself by putting in all the spindles. I'm so proud of him!

The finished product- ta da!

Look at the sleepy girl...

Emily just keeps getting cuter and cuter, and shes even starting to put on a few pounds! She slept for 5 hours for the first time last night! Yay! It was the best feeling when she woke up at 4am and I realized how much uninterupted sleep I just had! She gives us lots of smiles and has the twinkliest eyes ever. I can tell she's going to be a very happy little girl!
Jeffrey is...well, busy. He doesnt stop, ever! He touches everything he can get his hands on and doesn't like it one bit when we take away whatever it is that he's been touching. he jabbers all the time, and its been really fun to see him understand more of what we say, and how he tries to respond! He had a major owie the other day- he tripped outside on the sidewalk and bloodied up his lip pretty bad. I have never seen a lip swell up as much as his did! It was so sad! Tyson brought him in screaming and bleeding- almost broke his poor mom's heart! But, let me tell you, this kid is such a trooper! He gets over things so quickly. 10 minutes later he was smiling and playing again.

I'm still trying to figure out how to take care of 2 kids, a husband and myself, not to mention keeping the house clean. If any of you have tips on how to keep a clean house, fill me in! It seems I can only get a couple little things done each day, so the whole place is never clean at once. I suppose I'll figure it out eventually! Until then, sorry Tyson, I'm trying!

I decided to run again! I just signed up for the Race for the Cheetah- a 5k at the Phx Zoo. I cant wait to start training for it! Since thats the same distance that I ran in high school, it will be very interesting to see what my time is and how much skill I've lost. :) Luckily I have an awesome personal trainer for a husband, so he's going to whip me into shape in no time! Thats the plan anyway!

Sorry for the long post- It's definitely been a while! I promise it wont be a whole month before I post again... maybe only half of one ;)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Pictures and a Confession!

I love my little girl!!
Hey everybody, this is Tyson writing. It is Sunday the 3rd of February. Okay, I'm only going to make this confession becasue I know that probably the only people who will read this blog are a bunch of ladies.

Okay, here it goes.... On friday night, Kim and I watched We are Marshall, it's a true story about a college football team in the 70s that lost most of it's coaching staff, most of its players, and some boosters and fans in a plane crash. They were on their way back from an away game and crashed about a mile from the runway where they were supposed to land. One of the assistant coaches who was supposed to have flown with the team decided to drive home instead. I think that he had to do some recruiting or something. He was unable to reach his wife to let her know that he wouldn't be on the plane, so he called a neigbor and asked her to give his wife the message, but she didn't get it. So, when the plane crashed, everybody in the town heard about it and this coaches wife thought that her husband had been killed. Anyways, it showed her lying (lying or laying?? which is proper grammer) in bed that night alone weeping and then she heard a car pull up in the driveway so she ran outside and it was him, he was still alive and she thought that she had lost him.... I cried!!! It made me think of what it would be like to lose Kim and I just lost it. It was a true story okay, it wasn't fiction like You've Got Mail or Sleepless In Seattle or Return To Me, this actually happened, so give me a break. Just becasue I'm a guy doesn't mean I am void of emotion.

Kim and I watched the funeral of President Hinckley on Saturday. I'll miss seeing him at General Conference. He always reminded me of my Grandpa Higham who passed away a couple years ago. I was touched to see Mitt Romney(R) in attendence. Only three days before Super Tuesday he took the time to pay his respects when he sorely needed to be campaigning. Harry Reid(D) also attended. For those of you who don't know, he is the Senate Majority Leader.

This Picture is just for fun. I hope everyone likes my tan:) I wish that I had a picture to include with Kim but unfortunately, we don't seem to have any recent ones.

P.S. For any of you english majors out there, please inform me of any grammatical or punctuation errors.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Emily's eyes!

I just saw that my mom got some pictures at the hospital with Emily's eyes open- yay! I love her eyes! They are so sweet.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Picture crazy!

Here are a bunch of random pictures I've been meaning to post over the last several weeks, but never got around to it! Jeffrey absolutely loves to swing! As you can see from the look of exhilaration on his face :) He got so good at holding on to the swing all by himself while I pushed him- what a big boy!
I'm ready for my close up... :) Doesn't he look like a model here? These were taken at our family reunion on the 29th. Funny story...while at the reunion my sister and I were talking to my aunt, and she asked if I had ever had a c-section. We told her that none of the girls in our family had ever had one, and I expressed my desire to never go through that! Well...2 days later, what else should happen but I have an emergency c-section! Ironic, isn't it?

This is our cute little Christmas tree! We absolutely loved it- it was the perfect one for us. You'll notice the lack of ornaments. Well, they were up at one point (as you'll see in the next picture) but keeping them up with an 18 month old is practically impossible! So we decided it w ould be much easier to just not have any than to keep re-decorating the tree after Jeffrey would take them off...again and again and again!Even though he's not wearing any pants, I just thought this picture was so cute! I love how fascinated he was with the ornaments, I just wish he could have enjoyed them without removing them! lol

This was my tummy at 8 months

Jeffrey wanted to help clean up after our ward Christmas party. He is so strong! He pushed that cart across the gym with no help! One of his absolute favorite things in the world is to push things. Anything he can find! Including the bottom rack of our dishwasher! He pulls that out at least 3 or 4 times a day and pushes it around the house!
This was a really special moment because Jeffrey does not cuddle for very long. But one day I was resting on the couch and he just climbed up right next to me and fell asleep with me! He had never done that before! It was so cute.

This is the little terror after eating raviolis one day. I love how the sauce made a perfect goatee around his mouth! And look at those eyes! What a stud!

Here's another of baby Emily. One of these days we'll get some pictures with her eyes open!

Finally, baby and mommy in the hospital. I wore my new pink jammies in celebration of the sweet little girl!