Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lots to blog about...

Yup, today I'll be making up for lost time! It's been a while since I posted last, so you get a lot today! First of all, I'm really worried about Jeffrey...
See that little blue thing? (Sorry, I know its tiny, thats as far as my camera would zoom!)
Well, that just happens to be the baby Jesus from one of my nativities. And yup, thats the patio of the apartment beneath us. You guessed it, Jeffrey was trying to get rid of him! Ah! What kind of sadistic son do we have?
We were going to go rescue him the next morning, but by that time the cleaning crew had already been through. (Its one of the model apts.) So, baby Jesus is lost forever :(
(luckily its just a little piece of wood!)

Next, I Love Christmas Music! And Christmas in general- I love the winter weather we get here, I love the decorating, and making sugar cookies (which I havent done yet, but I thoroughly intend to!), everything. Its the most wonderful time of the year! I cant wait till we get a tree.
Congrats again Sun Devils on the win Saturday night. Bummer about not getting into the Fiesta bowl- The Holiday bowl is still good though, right?
I love the atmosphere of college football games. So much energy!

Can you feel the love? :)

Finally, I just wanted to put up a couple cute pictures of my cute family!

My tummy at 7 months

The cutie pie!
My two stud muffins!

I am grateful for...

I know thanksgiving is over, but I feel very thankful right now!! Thank goodness for running water!!
The water main at our apartments broke yesterday, so we were without water for a good portion of the day. I didn't realize how much water we use for everything! Even simple things like cleaning up Jeffrey after meals was such a pain. We had to use bottled water and baby wipes for everything. (Its a good thing we stock up so much on bottled water!) Tyson even took a shower with bottled water- it took 9 bottles!
I cant imagine how anyone lives without running water. No showers, no washing hands, no toilet, nothin! I think the hardest part would actually be not having indoor plumbing- man am I grateful for that! Especially with my over-active pregnant bladder! :)
I love technology!