Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Pictures and a Confession!

I love my little girl!!
Hey everybody, this is Tyson writing. It is Sunday the 3rd of February. Okay, I'm only going to make this confession becasue I know that probably the only people who will read this blog are a bunch of ladies.

Okay, here it goes.... On friday night, Kim and I watched We are Marshall, it's a true story about a college football team in the 70s that lost most of it's coaching staff, most of its players, and some boosters and fans in a plane crash. They were on their way back from an away game and crashed about a mile from the runway where they were supposed to land. One of the assistant coaches who was supposed to have flown with the team decided to drive home instead. I think that he had to do some recruiting or something. He was unable to reach his wife to let her know that he wouldn't be on the plane, so he called a neigbor and asked her to give his wife the message, but she didn't get it. So, when the plane crashed, everybody in the town heard about it and this coaches wife thought that her husband had been killed. Anyways, it showed her lying (lying or laying?? which is proper grammer) in bed that night alone weeping and then she heard a car pull up in the driveway so she ran outside and it was him, he was still alive and she thought that she had lost him.... I cried!!! It made me think of what it would be like to lose Kim and I just lost it. It was a true story okay, it wasn't fiction like You've Got Mail or Sleepless In Seattle or Return To Me, this actually happened, so give me a break. Just becasue I'm a guy doesn't mean I am void of emotion.

Kim and I watched the funeral of President Hinckley on Saturday. I'll miss seeing him at General Conference. He always reminded me of my Grandpa Higham who passed away a couple years ago. I was touched to see Mitt Romney(R) in attendence. Only three days before Super Tuesday he took the time to pay his respects when he sorely needed to be campaigning. Harry Reid(D) also attended. For those of you who don't know, he is the Senate Majority Leader.

This Picture is just for fun. I hope everyone likes my tan:) I wish that I had a picture to include with Kim but unfortunately, we don't seem to have any recent ones.

P.S. For any of you english majors out there, please inform me of any grammatical or punctuation errors.