Saturday, September 22, 2007

We love Jeffrey's jabbering in this one!

More pics of the little guy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh yeah...

I need to Tag someone else, don't I! Well, I'll go for Katie Wan and Shannon Kaufman!

Another tag

1. Carousel Cleaners
2. Wife
3. Mommy
4. Jamba Juice

1. The Princess Bride
2. The Mask of Zorro/ The Legend of Zorro
3. Napoleon Dynamite
4. A Walk to Remember

1. Everett, WA
2. Mesa, AZ
3. Phoenix, AZ
4. Bothell, WA (although I was only 1 when we moved from there)

1. American Idol
2. CSI
3. Tennis, or other fun sports
4. Anything clean and entertaining

1. Our special homemade tacos
2. Chocolate
3. Chips n salsa
4. Ramen
(these are just things I can eat at home- there are much more favorite foods out there, I just can't think of them right now!)

1. Facebook
2. Gmail
3. Katie's blog
4. Melinda's blog

1. Disneyland!!!!
2. Idaho Falls
3. Italy
4. San Diego

I've been tagged!

1. Who is your man? Tyson Leo Higham
2. How long have you been together? We met (and pretty much started dating) on Apr. 4, 2005 and have been married since Aug. 26 of that year
3. How long dated? about 4 1/2 months including engagement
4. How old is your man? 24
5. Who eats more? Hmm...good question! We're probably about equal
6. Who said "I love you" first? Tyson- I followed the next day
7. Who is taller? Tyson
8. Who sings better? Me- Tyson can't carry a tune! But I still love it when he sings to me :)
9. Who is smarter? Hmm, I used to think it was me as far as school goes, but Tyson is doing pretty awesome in's a toss up! He has more practical smarts than me
10. Who's temper is worse? I have to say his- but we do a good job of staying calm when we're upset
11. Who does the laundry? Tyson drags it down to the laundry facility, and I fold it
12..Who does the dishes? Usually me, but he did last night while I was at school. Yay!
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We actually switch off all the time- whichever side is more comfy on a particualr night
14. Who pays the bills? me
15. Who is better with the computer? I guess Tyson is better at all the technical stuff, but I think I know more about surfing the internet...maybe...again, its a toss up!
17. Who cooks dinner? Its my job...but since I usually cant think of anything to make, and since starting night school- Tyson gets cereal and frozen pizza a lot. (Bad Kimmy) I make dinner about 3 times a week. (Any suggestions for yummy, quick, simple recipes??)
18. Who drives when you are together? Normally its Tyson, but I've been doing it a lot more lately!
19. Who pays when you go out? either/or
20. Who is most stubborn? Tyson
21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Tyson
22. Whose parents do you see the most? Mine- they just live a couple miles down the road. Tyson's whole family (except for twin bro. Brock who lives with us) lives in good ol' Idaho Falls
23. Who kissed who first? I guess it was Tyson- we both knew it was coming and were even kind of planning was a pretty silly first kiss!
24. Who asked who out? Tyson asked me
25. Who proposed? Tyson- and after only 23 days of knowing each other! It was a surprise for both of us!
27. Who has more friends? I'd say me- I'm still in touch with a lot of high school friends
28. Who has more siblings? I do- I'm the 7th of 8, and he is the 2nd (or 3rd) of five. (twins are so confusing!)
29. Who wears the pants in the family? Tyson is more of a leader and I'm more of a follower, so he probably makes more decisions than me, but always with my consent of course!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

yay, pictures!

He discovered daddy's tennis racket-now one of his favorite things is to hit tennis balls around on the floor with it!
Maybe we'll have a little Federer on our hands!
He recently started loving bubble baths!

Jeffrey waking up Uncle Brock

Maybe I'm weird, but I get a kick out of Jeffrey's mad face!


Well, it's definitely been a long time since I've written anything up here. I guess my life just isn't exciting enough to write about. :)
Just kidding, we've got a fun life!
Tyson's twin brother Brock moved in with us a couple weeks ago to go to school at MCC. It's definitely been different having someone live with us- I'm just now getting used to it. It's a little tricky adding someone elses schedule into ours and having more dishes to do, and man! Does he drink a lot of milk!!! I think between Brock and Jeffrey guzzling it (and all of us having cereal at least once a day) we go through about a gallon a day. Whew! Good times least he's getting his protein...:)
Jeffrey is, by far, the cutest boy alive. I know you all think you have the cutest kids too, but you're probably just biased because their yours (not that I'm biased at all)! Hehe! I love how he just picks up on recently he started knocking on doors. With a closed fist and everything! I can't even remember knocking in front of him, but he knows how now. He's picking up on copying some words too, when he feels like it. He can say "moo" when he looks at a picture of a cow, and sometimes he'll copy me when I do other animal sounds. And when he wants a banana, he points to one and says "nana"! It's so fun to see Tyson interact with him too. They love wrestling and Jeffrey gets the biggest kick out of being thrown in the air! He's just getting so big and smart. I guss with that comes defiance, and he knows how to throw a good tantrum. He's known how to kick and scream for a while now, but these past couple days its grown into falling on the floor and thrashing his legs. Its actually really funny to watch! I should get it on video sometime. Well, maybe not, I'm not sure if anyone else would appreciate the humor in it. :)
The strangest thing happened last night. I got home from school at about 10pm and came home to a messy house. (Thats not the strange thing...its messy quite often!) But when I walked in, I felt like cleaning!! I should go back a bit- our house isn't a pigsty, but with 3 boys here, it's not always the most picked up. I normally I dread cleaning, but I just couldn't make dinner with things all over the floor and table. So I guess it was more tidying than cleaning- but hey, I'll take it! It's such a good feeling to have a clean house. I feel like we're always so much happier when not surrounded by clutter.
I wanted to post some pictures as well, but I couldn't find my digital camera anywhere. Eek!
As soon as I find it, you'll get some.
Love and Kisses-