Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm still alive!

Yes, its been a while. -but here I am. And I have no idea why this is being underlined! Oh well. Well, the reason I haven't posted in so long is because the internet explorer on this computer was being weird and I couldn't post pictures, so now I'm using safari and the pictures are working! We also just set up our own computer  and downloaded all our new pictures onto that one, but its not connected to the internet yet. So, here are some pictures- a couple months old, but cute nonetheless!

Sorry about this last one, I cant figure out how to flip it! Its facing the right way on my computer...Oh well! Now, onto us! The kiddos are growing like weeds. Emily is now 8 1/2 months old. I cant believe how fast its gone- I felt like it took forever for Jeffrey to get to 8 months! She is juuust on the verge of crawling. She just barely mastered sitting up on her own about 2 weeks ago, now she rocks on her hands and knees, and can push herself forward just a little. She has 2 little toofers and is very good about not biting me, which I greatly appreciate. She loves eating bananas, being held upside down, and bouncing on the trampoline!
Jeffrey is getting so big now too- he's talking tons more, but still no sentences. He got his first haircut last week! Finally! It was getting really bad- and we decided to do it before my mom came to visit. He looks so handsome- I cant wait to show the pictures! Jeffrey loves to play outside and will entertain himself for long periods of time just pushing his dump truck around in the grass. On the other hand, he loves TV- and would watch that for hours if he could! 
I guess I watch more tv than I should, now that we have cable. My new favorite shows (kind of guilty pleasures...) are Project Runway and What Not to Wear. Just FYI, if anyone wants to nominiate me for WNTW, I will gladly give up my wardrobe to get a new wardrobe in New York! I love seeing all the creative clothes people come up with on project runway, although a lot of it is just plain weird! 
Tyson started school at BYUI last week, and is doing pretty well now! The first week was kind of whirlwind, but he's getting the swing of things now, and really likes the campus. I'm really glad he has a good atmosphere to be in, and he comes home a lot happier. I think being at a church school makes a huge difference! We'll have to take a picture of our new license plates- when we got our car registered here, we picked out BYU-Idaho plates. I think they look awesome! 
I think thats enough to get all you readers up to date on us. I'll be sure to post more frequently so I can show off my cute kids! Hehe