Monday, December 20, 2010

Tanner just had his first birthday. He had a blast! I considered not having a party for him since he wont remember anything, but the kids were really excited about it. As you can see, he really liked his cupcake :)
Gma and Gpa Higham got him the coolest train toy. He absolutely loves it! Almost as much as Jeffrey. After telling him that he had to let Tanner have a turn because it was his toy, Jeffrey announced that he wants one of his own for Christmas.
He also received a cute new Sunday outfit and a hat/mittens combo.
He is such a happy, lovable boy. And affectionate- he'll give us big open mouth kisses whenever we ask for one! He is standing on his own really well now and has taken one step a couple times. We just can't get over this boy- we just love him to pieces!!!
Now here's the other two. They're ok.

Just kidding, they're great! darling darling kids and we love them to pieces too!

p.s. Snow stinks.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just some pictures

A wow moment!

I've come to discover that it is much easier to get my kids to clean up if I make it a game and work with them instead of yelling at them to pick up their toys before I count to 5!
Jeffrey learned a game when Tyson and Grandpa Higham took him to play tennis- its called granpa says. Just like Simon says...and it works wonders! So if I say "Grandpa says pick up your toys as fast as you can!" Then start furiously throwing toys in the works. Who would have thought a little creativity could work wonders? Hmm...I'll have to try that more.
What are your little tricks to get kids to help?

Jeff getting ready to go to a cousin's sleepover with aunt April
My parents at the airport- they came up for Tanner's blessing
Grandma and Tanner
She dresses herself. Can you tell? I think she looks like a little homeless boy in this picture. :)
The 4 older cousins at our family valentine's party
The little sleeping beauty :)
We live right next to single student housing, and the guys in one apartment built an igloo! They even put a couch inside and slept out there a couple times. Then their friends who are girls came and decorated with colored water and spray bottles. Single people are so creative!