Friday, April 13, 2012

I guess I really need to spend more time on Blogger- I can't figure out how to add pictures and text how I want here's a separate written update!
These last couple months have been pretty crazy for us! I started my first semester of school at BYU-Idaho. Luckily it was Tyson's off-track, so we got used to me going to school without having to balance his schedule also. It is tough being away from the kids during the day! I wasn't even gone that long-only 3 or 4 hours each day- but they sure missed me. Tyson and I definitely appreciate each other a lot more now. It is really hard going to school and always having some deadline hanging over your head, and Tyson realizes that being stuck in the house with 3 rambunctious kids can really make your head spin. :) But it's been a really good experience! I got 2 A's and a B, so I must be doing ok at the balancing act :)
We found out on New Years Day that we'll be adding another little one to our family this year! It definitely wasn't in our plans (is it ever??), but I think it's good timing.
Jeffrey has been in Kindergarten this year and he loves it sooo much! I ask him what he loves about going to school and he says "Everything! We learn about so many things!" I'm glad he loves it- we'll just see if he can keep the positive attitude after it gets a little bit more challenging next year. I'm sure he will though- he has such an active brain and loves to know how everything works and why. He is a fabulous big brother (most of the time!) and he will always share when we ask him to and will give out hugs very willingly , especially to Tanner.
Emily is wild and crazy at home, but shy as can be out in public. In some ways, she reminds me a lot of me when I was little! She is obsessed with being pretty, and hates wearing jeans. Her standard outfit is a pink shirt, pink skirt and tights. She loves to dance- we really need to get her enrolled in ballet! I really think she would do well.
Tanner is a bucket of fun! I've come to realize that 2 is my favorite age! He talks up a storm, and loves to copy whatever Jeffrey does. I absolutely love his hugs- he'll just come up to me randomly and hug my legs, or wrap his arms around my neck, or grab my hand and drag me to the fridge for a drink. :) The little stinker won't stay in bed though...he recently learned how to climb out of his bed (the pack n play he's been sleeping in since he was born) and up to the top bunk bed, so we took it down and he shares that bed with Jeffrey now. Those boys love to play and keep each other awake though, so we may have to re-think that :)
The next semester of school is Tyson's last! He is so excited to graduate- its been a long road for this 4 year degree. He has been staying really busy building up his tennis lessons. His students (and their parents!) just love him to bits. He has even gotten several requests to coach at the local high schools. He just loves coaching, and has even been working really hard on improving his own game. He will be coaching one of the intramural teams on campus this year, and he has his eye set on a certain player who beat him last year.
I guess thats it for us...I'll probably update this again sometime next year!

I guess I should add a real update on our family...

At the Mitt Romney rally in Idaho Falls. Jeffrey got to shake his hand!! He was so proud :)
Tanner's choice of clothes. He'll go without pants at any cost!

Snow time! In March... yay Idaho :)

Testing out the new bed, and first ever real bed frame!

Emily is definitely my daughter- she can't take a normal picture to save her life!

We love our silly Tanner! He has such a unique intense personality- he's either extremely happy or extremely mad. Luckily he doesn't usually stay mad for long.
The lovely flowers Tyson arranged for me for Valentine's Day. Isn't he talented?!
Easter! We celebrated Sunday afternoon, and the kids had so much fun. They were playing outside and couldn't believe how sneaky the Easter Bunny was- they didn't even see him come in!
We got a new bed and Jeff couldn't wait to help put it together! He loves to help.

It's a....

And we are so excited!! Emily can't wait to have a little sister to share a room with, but Tanner says "no sister!" lol. Jeff is fine either way, he's had both so he doesn't care. Official due date is Aug 30th, but she'll probably come earlier than that. We'll just have to wait and see! Everything has been going really well- this has been my easiest pregnancy by far! Which is saying a lot because the other 3 were so easy. She looks healthy across the board, and we're excited to have her in our family!
p.s. I love that picture of her spine because her little bum looks so cute!