Thursday, March 11, 2010

A wow moment!

I've come to discover that it is much easier to get my kids to clean up if I make it a game and work with them instead of yelling at them to pick up their toys before I count to 5!
Jeffrey learned a game when Tyson and Grandpa Higham took him to play tennis- its called granpa says. Just like Simon says...and it works wonders! So if I say "Grandpa says pick up your toys as fast as you can!" Then start furiously throwing toys in the works. Who would have thought a little creativity could work wonders? Hmm...I'll have to try that more.
What are your little tricks to get kids to help?

Jeff getting ready to go to a cousin's sleepover with aunt April
My parents at the airport- they came up for Tanner's blessing
Grandma and Tanner
She dresses herself. Can you tell? I think she looks like a little homeless boy in this picture. :)
The 4 older cousins at our family valentine's party
The little sleeping beauty :)
We live right next to single student housing, and the guys in one apartment built an igloo! They even put a couch inside and slept out there a couple times. Then their friends who are girls came and decorated with colored water and spray bottles. Single people are so creative!


Kathleen said...

Hey Couisin!! How are you? I havent seen you since 05. Just wanted to say hello and to catch up. I miss you, i remember hanging out with you when you came and visited az on family vacations :) Love to hear from you. Im on facebook (thats how I found you) so message me anytime. Love you, take care

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